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About Us


Welcome 2-1



Hello and WELCOME!!

I’d like to take a moment to explain what “The Passive Peeps” are and the reasoning behind our creation. We began as a small group in a Skype Room helping others with understanding passive online programs.

We were there 24/7 to answer questions or explain things to beginners or newcomers to a program. As time went on it became apparent that not only was the number of people in the room growing but we were becoming friends at the same time. A bond was being formed with the “regulars” in the room.  We shared a common goal in helping others and also making passive online income a reality.

Our Owner was a member of the Skype group and decided to form a “Team of like-minded individuals” with the goal of supporting one another with our online endeavors and also creating a website for access by all members.  He is a selfless individual and a truly caring person which will become apparent as soon as you “meet” him on one of our webinars which are held twice a week. We want all members to feel like “family”.   Here are just a few reasons it’s a good idea to be a “Passive Peep”.



Our members know how to research, analyze compensation plans and test new programs. When new programs are vetted, they are introduced to the Passive Peeps Community. Our goal is simple – sound businesses that provide Passive Income and no Sponsoring Requirement!


Our webinars are Wednesday at 9PM EST and Saturday 4 PM EST. Updates are given on all of our successful passive programs. Plus by joining our Passive Peeps membership site, you’ll get access to additional videos covering every aspect of each business.


As a community we are constantly combing the web for the best tools to automate your business. Tech procedures, Videos, Tools ….you name it – it’s all in your Passive Peeps membership site.


Inside the Passive Peeps membership site is a high end forum covering every conceivable topic related to our current and future programs. Plus member’s will gain access to our website for breaking news on all of our Passive Peeps Programs.


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